We’re up against it, heading not back to “normal,” but into the toughest times we humans have ever faced as a species. Overwhelmed, with no clear answers, we want to turn away. Or if we do follow events, these can leave us seemingly with no obvious response but to give up, mistaking resignation for realism. But all this misses the most important facts of our situation, the news so rarely reported but the most needed: What it is that people from all over the world are doing in response to the challenges now coming at us, the answers they’re finding and the systems changes they are already achieving–changes of the very kind we need if we are to save ourselves and our planet.

What’s needed, what’s possible, what’s already happening. What’s working, what’s not.
What affects us personally: The risks we run & the gifts we bring. And how we harvest our differences to realize & to build what’s needed.
Here is a site for sharing experiences with and exploring emerging answers to these questions, making sense of our situation, discovering companions & taking action.
The model to the right connects the changes & challenges, uncertainties & choices, limits & possibilities, mapping actions & imagining paths out of the mess. Hover over each word for ideas or click on it to reach stories, strategies & starting points.

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