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The Future We Need and . . . How to Get It
Surviving Today Transforming Tomorrow

We’re up against it now, heading not back to “normal,” but into the toughest times we humans have ever faced as a species. Or maybe not, maybe we can turn it around, maybe use breakdown to break through. But what would that take? If we see no real answers to the economic downturns, the diseases, and the disasters, coming down on us, or feel powerless to change what’s wrong, what’s left but to ignore it all for as long as we can? Or, if we do try to keep up, how not just give up in to despair?

Here’s how. Well beyond what the daily news covers are stories of people from all parts of the world and all levels and walks of life, now awakening to the risks and realities of this moment, stepping up, finding answers and strategies that work and taking action. And these successful actions showing up as they do in and across all sectors of society are in fact achieving the very kinds of systems change we need if we are to save ourselves and our planet.

On this site we share these stories. From them, we discover how much power we actually have, how much more is possible than we may have thought–in often quite unexpected ways–and in what direction our best chances now lie. From these stories and these discoveries, we distill goals and guidelines, tools and tactics, helping each other to make better sense of our situation and to cope with it. Together, we realize our own gifts, come to grips with our particular challenges, make the changes it’s within our power to make, and map a way forward, not only the way to survive today but the means to transform tomorrow.

Big Picture
This model maps a path out of the mess we’re now in. The four blue cornerstones are the 1st phase emergency measures demanded for survival. The sides of the octagon name the sectors and functions of society, each essential to the whole, and the changes critical to each.
Hover on each word for a definition. Click for the stories, strategies, and starting points in each cornerstone or sector that put a livable future within reach–a future (1) able to meet the needs of all by healing not harming planet or people and (2) that tends to bring out not the worst but the best in us.

Clover Model

Find where the world's greatest need meets your greatest joy. (Michael Dowd)

In sensing what is yours to do, yours in particular, you may use this model. Hover on each topic for some questions to consider. Click for worksheets you can download and use for yourself or with others.

Clover Model

What do you most love doing?   With others—or by yourself? What roles do you find easiest or most fulfilling? What’s hardest or more likely to go wrong? Where do you want to stretch? To try, learn or discover new things or new skills? To ask more of yourself? 

What are your circumstances?  Age, jobs, family, travel, foreign  or special experiences? Luck and limits in health, time, tools, talents, space, money, credibility, connections? Your networks, influence, insight or knowledge—formal or not? To faith, friends, NGO’s, neighbors, co-workers, businesses, investors, professions, activists, different groups or  publics

What's going on in the world that most inspires you, gives you hope & meaning? What most troubles you? Where do you feel most called to try to make a difference? What do you know much about or want to learn more about--to visit, see first hand, help with, join with others, start something new?

Which campaigns, well-focused on 

the most pivotal points of change, are  you or might you be part of? What solutions might you help bring to scale? Where do you see need or opportunity not yet made the most of? Or have ideas you want to pursue? What great sources, links or allies do you have or could find to work with?

How do you connect with nature, with others, with “Source”? Take good care of yourself? Gird for the long haul? Share openly the joy, hope, outrage, despair, grief, elation & triumph that go with this work? Find the courage, endurance, determination, patience, guidance or compassion you need? How do you ask for--and accept--the healing, help, support, protection or encouragement--emotional, spiritual and material that you need?

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