The Future We Need ...and How to Get It

Breakdown to breakthrough, connecting citizen action here at home to systems transformation worldwide

Overview of 7 Shows in Series

Show 1 (December 2017): Change the Story, Change the Future

Solutions to our most urgent problems are emerging world-wide. Five disabling assumptions keep us from even seeking, let alone acting on, these solutions. Starting with reversing climate change, we look at some of these solutions, and how we could change society enough to put them to work. Each show takes actionable strategies and tools from the most promising of these citizen successes worldwide. Learn more…

Planetary Restoration ▪ Centering ▪ Social Healing ▪ Regenerative Agriculture ▪ Renewables ▪ Land Reform

Show 2 (January 2018): Change Our Ways: Find Solutions & Take Them to Scale

Using conflict to get the 360º view we need to solve our problems. Our very differences show us the “design specs” we need for a livable future. Then we can shift our energies from dispute to finding together those solutions we can all live with and the strategic actions we can take in solidarity. Solutions-centered, system-focused, and citizen-led. Learn more…

System Requirements ▪ Agitate, Innovate, Orchestrate ▪ Relieve, Cure, Transform ▪ Solution-Centered Politics

Show 3 (February 2018): Move the Money: Divest, Reinvest, Realign

The money we need to bring to scale the solutions we find does exist–and in abundance–even though we are ever told the opposite. “Oh, yes. Great need. Good idea. But we just don’t have the money!” “The poor you have with you always.” But if that was ever true, it is no longer. Here we map the solutions now emerging that, widely pursued and rightly done, can reallocate our money to meet the needs of all in ways that can pull us back from species extinction. Learn more…

Public Banking ▪ Fiduciary Duty ▪ Climate Risk Disclosure ▪ Conscious Capitalism ▪ “Viking” Economics

Show 4 (March 2018): Change the Rules: Make All Sectors Part of the Solution

Whether technologies and economies help or hurt people and planet depends greatly on the rules—law and other enforceable agreements and standards we make or accede to, made not only by government but professional bodies of all kinds. We look at how we can use our power as a people to make specific rule changes that could turn solutions we’re looking at in this series into foundations of a viable future—if we have solidarity for the long haul. Learn more…

Collective Impact ▪ Inside/Outside ▪ Professional Standards ▪ Party Structures ▪ Corporate Laws

Show 5 (April 2018): Change the Politics: Stop Fighting Each Other, Start Solving Our Real Problems

To defeat the “divide and conquer” manipulation now tearing us apart, we’ve got to change who we listen to, how we talk to each other, what we talk about, and why-—what we do with the results. We are not each other’s enemy. Polls show Americans agree on 70-80% of what we need—and that our elected leaders aren’t delivering any of it! Corporate cronies pay all sides in elections so all doors are open to them and shut to us. But we can change that! As we the people focus on finding real solutions, our election contests can then be over who’ll best help us realize them. Learn more…

Cross-Party Advocacy ▪ NCDD ▪ FCG ▪ Community Power▪ Co-ops ▪ Unions ▪ Living Wage ▪ Guaranteed Incomes

Show 6 (May 2018): Change the Game: Shape the Systems that Shape Us

We try to “be the change”, to live now in ways more just and sustainable. But then, we hit a wall: we need jobs, kids have to be gotten to school, rents close to jobs are more than we can afford, bus services don’t run when or where we need them to, good food’s beyond our budget—and heaven help us if we get sick. The systems around us enable us, force us, impede us, even punish us. So, it is these systems we must change. We look at how even vast systems do change and at strategies that can—when focused on the right targets and interconnected—give us what we need. Learn more…

Network Democracy ▪ Participatory Budgeting ▪ Citizen Science ▪ 100 Resilient Cities ▪ Curitiba ▪ Wise Democracy

Show 7 (June 2018): What We Can Do: Connect through Strategic Citizen Action

The massive changes our future holds, costly and inescapable as many will be, also open up, indeed force open, first- ever opportunities for remaking our global society. Alert to these urgencies and opportunities, “we, the people”—of the world, are moving to make deep change. Connecting across sectors and continents, we are learning how we can better leverage each other’s good work and mobilize to overcome such forces as would stop the “do or die” changes we must make. All we do now shapes the systems and conditions that those coming after us will have to live with. Learn more…

Learning to Learn ▪ Higher Education & Human Survival ▪ Collective Impact ▪ Unrigging the Game ▪ Inside/Outside

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