Clover Model for Making Your Place




Where does your greatest joy meet the world’s greatest need?

~Michael Dowd





Your Joy

What do you most love doing? On a team — or by yourself — what roles do you find easiest to carry out or most satisfying? Or what’s hardest or more likely to go wrong? Where do you want to stretch? To try out or learn new things — or new skills?

Your Resources

What are your circumstances? Jobs, family, travel, foreign or special experiences? Luck or limits in health, time, tools, talents, space money, credibility, connections? What’s your access to networks, influence or knowledge—formal or not? To faith, friends, activists, NGO’s, professions neighbors?

World’s Need

What are the things going on in the world that most inspire you, give you hope & meaning? What most troubles you? Where are you most called to try to make a difference? What do you know most about? Already part of? Know & like others in that area?

Greatest Impact

Which campaigns, well-focused on the most pivotal points of change, are you or might you be a part of? What solutions might you help bring to scale? Where do you see need/opportunity not yet made the most of? Or have ideas you want to pursue? What great sources/links/allies do you or can you find to work with?

Your Center

How do you connect with nature, others, “Source”? Gird for the long haul? Share openly the joy, hope, outrage, despair, grief, fear, elation & triumph that go with this work?


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